Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Ines Alvidres exhibited a natural artistic talent from a young age. All through school, she looked forward to art classes & projects. Drawing and painting came easily to her, but it was the joy she received from creating a simple piece of art that impacted her the most. In middle school, Ines was asked to choose between art and guitar. Although learning guitar intrigued her, for Inez the choice was clear. Even though she knew how to paint, she wanted to learn more. To this day, she can’t play one chord on the guitar. In order to improve their lives, her parents moved the entire family to Beaumont when Inez was 16 years old. The first couple of years were filled with turmoil, fear of a new place, and a painful homesickness for Mexico.Then during her senior year, her teacher tasked her with creating a mural of Mexico for the Cinco de Mayo program. With basic acrylic paint, Inez spent a sleepless night bringing her beloved homeland to life on a canvas of sewn-together bed sheets.  Her true journey as an artist had finally begun, and she was where she was supposed to be. She was brought back to life. Ines aims to evoke emotions from her viewers with lines, colors, and shapes. The bold shapes and bright colors of her friendly abstract style are inspired by the Tarahuamara Indians of Chihuahua. 


Reflecting on their influence, she says, “When I was in Mexico, they were so beautiful, with dark brown skin and straight black hair. I was the opposite – pale with curly, crazy hair. I would walk in the mercado and see them, so traditional and honest to themselves, authentic and real. They wore the clothing that only they could wear. Their fabrics don’t even have patterns, they are just beautiful and bright. To me, one person by themselves doesn’t make a statement, it’s when they are a strong group of people that they become the paintings.Once Ines opened her heart and eyes to her new community of Beaumont, she found herself inspired by the strong group of talented people following their passions. She has become an active member and participant at The Art Museum of Southeast Texas, The Art Studio Inc, and The Beaumont Art League.

“I donate many paintings to fundraisers. I know that every painting I donate helps a cause, allows me to meet more people, and makes a connection with the people who receive   the painting. I also work with children in the summer. It’s very inspirational, sharing my story and remembering how, as a kid, I was an artist but didn’t know it yet. The kids and I continue to create murals around town.” Ines prefers the speed of acrylics so that she can work on 4 or 5 pieces at a time, moving from the last one right back to the first.            “During the process of each painting, dozens of colors develop,” she explains. “The colors choose me in the moment. I may put yellow and green together and see how many blues I can make. The fun part for me is not just the painting or the technique, but creating the colors. I don’t know they exist until they show up.” Ines continues to evolve her style and develop as an artist. The name of her studio is a perfect reflection of what she achieves through her vivid paintings. AmARTe – to love others and to love art.